Fun Facts About Albania

Albania is a small country that is located in the southeast of Europe. The country is growing in popularity as a tourist destination and the number of visitors to the country is increasing on an annual basis. Here are some fun facts about Albania that you may not know.

More Albanians Live Outside Albania Than Within The Country

The population of Albania is three million but it is estimated that there are as many as ten million people born in Albania that live elsewhere. Most of the people that leave travel to other European countries to try and find work.

There Is Only One International Airport

There is only one international airport in the country and this is the way that all visitors travelling by air enter the country. It is located in the capital, Tirana, and is named in honor of Mother Teresa.

It Is An Atheist State

Albania was declared an atheist state in 1967 and at the time all religious observance was made a criminal offense. Anyone found breaking the law could have faced jail for up to ten years. Today it remains a secular state but religious observance is no longer an offense.

It Has The Oldest Lake In Europe

The oldest lake in Europe, Lake Ohrid, is located in Albania. It is an ancient lake and is home to rare species of plants and wildlife. The lake is protected by UNESCO due to its history and biodiversity.  

It Has The Fastest And Cheapest Internet In Europe

Some of the fastest internet speeds in Europe can be found in Albania and these are available for some of the lowest prices. One of the main providers of internet in the country provides its services for the equivalent of less than $3 per month.

All Of Its Power Is Hydroelectric

All of the power that is produced in the country comes from hydroelectricity. No other country in the world produces as much hydroelectricity as Albania. This is a renewable form of energy which means that no fossil fuels are burned in Albania to produce power.

The Main Meal Is Eaten At Midday

Lunchtime is when the main meal is eaten. This will usually be a meat dish with a side of vegetables. After the main meal has been finished then a salad that is made from vegetables will also be eaten. This healthy diet means that Albania has one of the lowest rates of obesity in Europe. And strange enough, they have shrimp and Andouille sausage here. 

Pumpkins Are A Very Popular Vegetable

Pumpkins are commonly used as an ingredient in cooking in Albania but they are also used in a number of other ways. They are traditionally given as a gift and are also used as decorations.

It Has One Of The Biggest Passenger Ports In The Adriatic Sea

The Port of Durrës is one of the largest in the Adriatic Sea and this also makes it one of the busiest. It is the largest port in Albania and was redeveloped in 2011. It is estimated that 1.5 million people travel through this port every year.

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